The Ultimate Full Body ‘Recovery’


Life…. is awesome. Yes we know that… but it can also be (at times) pretty exhausting. Between deadlines, date nights, sweat sessions and self admin there’s a fair bit going on. Most of the time that’s what I love, being busy is good and we as humans all naturally tend to thrive on it a little.

There does come a time however when we all need to take a step back and just chill. Sometimes it’s a single moment to just breathe, take it all in, other times we need a few days to disconnect and hit the re-set button.

Recovery probably means something different to everyone, but realistically to really ‘recover’ you need to give a little TLC not only to your body but to your mind and of course your soul. I know what you’re thinking… this all sounds a little cliche? Stay with me.

Many of us don’t have time to jet-set off on a wellness holiday (although if you ever have the opportunity I strongly suggest you take it with open arms), the good news is you can give your body a mini ‘ultimate recovery’ session in just a matter of hours.  .

  1. Sleep an extra hour: We’ve all read the science. Sleep is really good for your physical recovery but most importantly mentally. Sleep is the only time our brain gets a chance to completely process our emotions, experiences and memories.sleep
  2. Get a massage: This doesn’t have to be a whole body massage extravaganza… pick a body part that feels tense and get the masseur to dedicate the half an hour to that area. If you’ve never tried a foot massage, get one, it will change your life.
  3. Eat your favorite breakfast: Sunday is totally going to be pancake day. 
  4. Swim in the ocean: There is something about salt water; it’s invigorating, refreshing. For me this is one of those ‘good for the soul’ activities.
  5. Start taking magnesium: I’m not a big supplement taker, but magnesium is the one I take religiously. It’s a mineral that is vital for so many important processes in the body including muscle relaxation and recovery. Heavy exercise depletes our magnesium levels and unfortunately we no longer get as much of it through natural dietary sources.
  6. Move your body: Yep that’s right, exercise can be part of the recovery process. There is no denying working up a little sweat is good for you, all those happy, healthy endorphins running through your body feel GOOD. If you dreaswimd exercise pick something you love; whether it be a favorite running track, fun group class or sunrise yoga session. Doesn’t matter as long as it serves you in a positive way.
  7. Spend time in the sunshine: Sun makes me happy, and that’s no co-incidence. From sunshine we get vitamin D (which we all need) and also increases the release of serotonin which is our happy hormone. 5-10 minutes in the Aussie summer sun is all you need, oh and don’t forget your sunscreen.
  8. Drink Champagne: We all have something in life to celebrate…. and the most recent research shows that a class or two of bubbles has some surprising health benefits!

So this weekend I challenge you to squeeze in as many of these ‘mini recovery tactics’ as possible.

Have Fun!

Ems xox

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