Summer Workout Ideas


Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread waking up for and it certainly doesn’t have to involve treadmills, squat racks or screaming personal trainers. We live in one of the greatest cities on earth, and there are an unbelievable amount of awesome fun activities you can get involved in that will work up a bit of a sweat.

PADDLEBOARDING: Otherwise known as SUP’ING (time to get down with the lingo). It’s a hell of a lot more difficult than it looks & makes for a great Paddleboardingwhole body workout, plus you get to tan at the same time, which is always a bonus! If you really want to mix it up try paddleboarding yoga, such a fun way to train strength, balance and flexibility.  Be prepared to wake up the day after sore in places you probably never knew muscles existed!

BEACH FOOTY: Grab a bunch of your mates, head to your closest beach & play a little touch footy. 15 minutes each way will have you blowing and ready for refreshments. Soft sand running is almost double the intensity of road running so this will be a solid (and social) workout. Beware the calf soreness the following day… it’s brutal.

SKYFIT: Exercise that required me to bounce on an oversize trampoline. Yes it exists, it’s called skyfit & it’s amazing. Cardio, strength, core & flexibility training all while jumping around like an over excited 5 year old. It’s definitely a test of co-ordination & balance.

KAYAKING: If you dream of beautifully sculpted, toned arms then this is a summer sport for you. It’s not only an opportunity to burn calories but you can take in some pretty breathtaking scenery at the same time! Someone once told me it’s like meditating on water, I’m not sure I found it that relaxing but the burn in my arms was something else.

TRAIL RUNNING / HIKING: Is nature your thing? Make a weekend of it and head to the nearest National Park. There are an unbelievable Beach Footyamount of cool walking trails & tracks around that are just waiting to be explored. Sydneysiders if you have time, jump in the car and head to the Blue Mountains for the day.

HIT THE ‘OUTDOOR’ GYM: Sometimes all your exercise routine needs is a little shake up. Nothing beats a beach side workout. You can tailor yourself a pretty great little body weighted circuit including chin ups, dips, bench jumps, push ups & leg raises. Don’t forget your swimmers, post sweat swim is always necessary!

BUBBLE SOCCER: This is totally on my ‘must try’ list for this Summer. Played much like classic soccer, on a similar field, but there is one major difference that transforms it completely… You are inside a giant inflatable zorb ball. Looks unbelievably fun!

SO yes, exercise can be kinda fun.. and social….. Next time you are dragging your sorry ass to the gym, think outside the box and try one of these awesome summer workout ideas!

Happy Monday

Em x


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