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One of our healthy travel ‘insiders’ has been jetsetting again… this time through one of the biggest party towns in the world…. LAS VEGAS! Yes it’s totally possible to keep up those healthy habits even in a city like this and Kirsten Scott is about to tell us how

‘Hey party people!

No trip to the States is complete without a stop over in Vegas, there are just so many amazing shows to see and my inner showgirl just can’t stay away. I know a lot of people might think Vegas doesn’t seem like my type of my place and besides the shows you’d be right, but few things make me more excited than finding the gems of health and wellness in unexpected places and I like a challenge :)

Even more than that, though, I love showing people (and reminding myself) that there’s always a choice. What activities you participate in, what you put in your mouth, who you spend time with, what your attitudes are about life.

I just knew Vegas would have some awesome healthy offerings and I was determined to uncover them and share them with you guys. I wanted to break through the Vegas stigma of being a place of only indulging in unhealthy vices. Can you party and be healthy at the same time? I say hell yes!

It was amazing to see that healthy options do exist in a crazy party town like Vegas and that it’s possible to nurture and nourish yourself along the way. It was surprisingly kind of a breeze to find these healthy spots.

Here are some of my top picks for staying healthy in Vegas.


Canyon Ranch Grill, inside Canyon Ranch SpaClub – Venetian, The strip: I was super excited to check out Canyon Ranch Grill. The cool thing about it is it’s located in a Spa so you can have a spa day, relax, rejuvenate and have a healthy meal. They have a great breakfast menu, smoothies, kale chips and organic teas.

Grassroots, 124 S, 6th St, Downtown Vegas: I totally geeked out here, this is my fave spot ever! They have every super food you could imagine. My top recommendation: get the Beetachino. GO THERE!Grassroots

Juice Farm, inside the Palazzo, The strip: I was so amped to find this organic, cold-pressed juice bar on the casino floor. So cool! They have tons of juices and smoothies to choose from. I loved grabbing a wheat grass shot daily for extra energy. Take a green juice over to the black jack table for extra luck.

Squeeze Fresh Cocktails, at the Linq, The strip: This is my newest fave thing on the Vegas Strip. Why? Because this cocktail bar makes all of their drinks from fresh, organic juices and smoothies – and they use no fake syrups, artificial sweeteners or bottled juices. You also have the option to spike your drink with whatever alcohol you want, or keep it virgin, like me. There’s something for everyone here, there really should be more of these bars in existence.

Wholefoods, Las Vegas: This was my first stop when I landed in Vegas. They have an incredibly huge salad bar and is the perfect spot to stock up on healthy snacks for your stay.

Navigating the buffets: Oh, the infamous Vegas buffets. Here’s the thing, at all of the buffets you have a choice of every kind of food imaginable. This is where you may need to practise some self discipline. The buffets have EVERYTHING so go for the healthier options and fill up on protein and veggies and go easy on the dessert. I tried Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, they also offered fresh, organic juices.

Hotel-made smoothies: As you know where ever I go I take my mini blender, that way I’m guaranteed a quick, cheap, nutritious breakfast every morning. I stocked up at WholeFoods and kept everything in my hotel room fridge. If there isn’t a fridge in your room you can request one.


Spas and fitness centres, located in most hotels: Most hotels offer a fitness centre inside their their spa which is included in your resort fee.

Run the Las Vegas Strip: The Las Vegas strip may seem like an odd place for a morning run but it’s one of the best ways to see the sights of the strip end to end. The run is a little over 12kms up and back. Make sure you go early, before 8am, most tourists will still be asleep at this time and the strip will not be over crowded.

Orange Theory Fitness, Henderson Green Valley: I love OTF, what’s not to love? You get to run some sprints, lift some weights and do all kinds of interval training. I dig it. You can also buy a pass and go to any OTF in the States whenever you want.

Ok guys, that’s it! I loved Vegas. Just like anywhere else you find what your looking for there. My main advice would be to do a little bit of advanced planning before you go so you can scope out the spots you want to visit because you can get lost quickly in Vegas and end up in Hershey World for hours with no idea where the exit door is.

Viva Las Vegas… Health Nut style. Mission accomplished’

If you have traveled to Vegas and have any amazing healthy recommendations please share with us!

There are also a whole bunch more of great health & fitness places listed on Wellbeing Worldwide, so be sure to check them out next time you’re heading on holidays.

Ems xox


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