Healthy Honeymooning in London 


It’s taken just over over a week for us to fall a little in love with London. On first impressions we weren’t quite sure how the relationship would go; it was 645am, dark, seriously cold and we had been travelling for over 24 hours. Yep our spirits were slightly shattered. What we needed was a shower, fresh clothes and coffee.

Over the first week of our honeymoon adventures we walked over 100km, drank many mugs of mulled wine, explored all the main sites on Londkn and of course ate lots of delicious food. For me this was an opportunity not only to visit a few of the highly recommended healthy hotspots already listed on Wellbeing Worldwide, but also to be a bit of a discovery mission. 

One of my favourite places was The Good Life Eatery. We had breakfast on our last day and I seriously would have gone back for lunch. I would happily eat everything from the egg white frittata to the superfood salad bowls or gluten free chocolate brownies. Their coffee was delicious, the staff were so friendly & the cafe just has a really nice feel.
Then there was Daylesford farmhouse. For breakfast I ordered the green eggs benedict; talk about perfectly poached eggs & the hollandaise was on point. We obviously liked it because we found ourselves back for dinner the next day. Grilled sea bass, venison haunch and hearty wholefood salads had us overly satisfied. We visited the Notting Hill and Marylebone locations, both have little marketplaces attached where you can buy fresh bread, meat and other pantry favourites. This place is a must visit if you are a healthy food lover!

What about a quick bite? Tossed was a bit of an accidental discovery but they are a great option if you need healthy food fast. Breakfast bowls can include scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato & shaved turkey. There are fresh & fun salad options as well wraps and their coffee is decent. There are numerous Tossed locations around London.

Looking for Acai? Head to Viva Acai in South Kensington. Made fresh to order and with a variety of toppings including strawberries, blueberries, banana, goji berries & granola. The service is a little slow but it’s definitely worth the wait.

The best markets? Borough Market is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. I would go back there every single day if I could. Fresh seafood, meats, every type of cheese you could dream of, fruit, veggies and so many cute places to taste delicious morsels of food!

Need Supplements? Holland & Barrett are a franchise health food store selling vitamins, healthy snacks, protein bars etc. There is hundreds around London if needed. We picked up some healthy road trip snacks here when we headed out to the countryside.

What did we miss? A lack of time and unfortunately a fair few places we wanted to visit were closed over the festive period including Maple & Fitz, Gyms KitchenThe Farm Girl Cafe. That’s for next time :)

We headed out of London for a few days to Bath, Bristol and Windsor.  In Bath the thermae baths which was such a great ‘wellness experience’. Submerge yourself in a rooftop thermal bath overlooking the city. It’s filled with hot water from underground springs that’s rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium. Then head to the steam rooms, 4 chambers with different cleansing scents and lastly the tidal pool. There are also massage & spa services available.

We were so hoping to eat at the River Cottage Canteen in Bristol but being such a busy time of the year it was booked out the day we were in town. The setup is inside an old church and is seriously cool. The menu offers small and big plates using local & seasonal ingredients. It’s listed on our site along with its 3 other locations around the UK.

What about exercise? we always find ourselves waking a lot when we travel. We stumbled across so many cool little alleyways & back streets by meandering or way through the city. We did squeeze in a few quick workouts using our hotel fitness centre. 20 minutes was our time limit. An example of one of the workouts we did: 100 bench press (12kg), 100 shoulder press (10kg), 100 squats (10kg). Finish with a quick run the rack biceps and triceps. Sessions are all higher reps, less rest.

Now it’s off to France…. The land of cheese and wine….stay tuned for the part two of our healthy(ish) honeymoon!

Au revoir xox

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