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Hermosa beach… It’s one of my absolute favorite places on the Californian coastline. I first fell in love with this rustic beach town about 3 years ago and have been dying to head back ever since. Last weekend I finally made it, and it’s still as cute as I remember. Most of the great little shops were still there including this trinket store selling the most bizarre collection of things, all of which I wanted to buy if I didn’t have a luggage allowance to content with!

The Source Cafe 1

The Source Cafe

More to my excitement however, was the couple of new healthy cafés that had opened since my last visit. For my husband this meant a food safari day so I could taste some of the best healthy food the town had to offer; there was beach time in between of course!

Our day started with breakfast at The Source Cafe. My egg white frittata filled with sweet potato, sauteed kale and onion was served with a homemade spicy aioli that had a deliciously tasty kick. My coffee hit the spot perfectly and I couldn’t resist a sugarfree choc chip cookie to takeaway. Their menu also includes heaps of fresh juices and smoothies as well as breakfast salads and sandwiches made to go.

Lunch has us sitting street-side in the Sunday sunshine at Greenbelt. My friends and I all ordered the same thing, which is lucky because I always suffer from serious food envy! Prosciutto salad with kale, shaved brussels, apple, almonds and organic chicken breast. We also shared a side serve of brussel sprouts with pickled cranberries and walnuts. They came highly recommended and honestly I wish I’d had my own serve because they were INCREDIBLE.

True Food Kitchen was our dinner spot. This place has been on my ‘foodie list’ for a very long time now. I fell in love from the moment I came across the tubs of homegrown herbs that lined the entrance, add to that a big open kitchen where you can see the chefs working their magic and I could tell this was my kind of place! A party of 6 meant we could sample a few different appetizers, the lettuce cups filled with marinated tofu are A class, and a kale & avocado dip is always a good way to start a meal. I had the Moroccan chicken on a bed of spinach with sweet potato and chickpeas. If I hadn’t been in public I probably would have licked the bowl clean. The short rib, penang curry and teriyaki bowl all got rave reviews from the crew. One thing’s for sure, I think i’ll be heading back to True Food a bunch times on my American travels.

The one place I didn’t make it too (there is only so much a girl can eat) was Paradise Bowls. Apparently they serve up the ‘freshest acai in town’. Lucky we place on heading back to Hermosa!

Absolutely loved my first weekend exploring California.

Stay tuned for my favourite fitness and foodie spots in San Diego!


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